How To Choose A Private Co-Educational School

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Would you want to enrol your child in a private co-educational school? If you do, you could be in a dilemma of which school to take your kid to. Private co-educational schools allow learners to thrive in an engaging environment that enables them to learn with people of any gender. As such, they have an easy time integrating into society once they finish their studies. The article below discusses what you should look out for when looking for a private co-ed school. 

Assess The School's Reputation

Interview some parents at the school or conduct an internet search to establish the school's reputation. Positive reviews such as good teachers, an excellent value system, high-quality facilities and rich school traditions are indicators that your child will have a good time at the school. 

Examine The School's Performance

Check the school's website to establish their academic performance. After all, you will want your kid to leave with good grades. Do not check the top candidates; instead, assess how all kids perform. Remember, you want your kid to learn in a competitive environment that challenges them to do better. 

Check the school's co-curricular activities. For example, some schools are reputable for excelling in various sport. Others have respected theatre and music clubs. Such schools will ensure that students are all rounded. 

Inspect The School Facilities

Pay an impromptu visit to the school to assess the environment that your child will learn in. Ask the following questions: 

  • How big are the classrooms? They should be spacious, well-lit, and aerated. Besides, the school should have a reasonable student-teacher ratio.
  • What are the hygienic practices observed at the school? For instance, the kitchen and washrooms must be clean.
  • How safe is the school? Slippery floors, steep staircases, lack of fire prevention equipment, defective playing equipment, and frayed wiring are all recipes for disasters.
  • Does the school have boarding facilities? Visit them to ensure they meet the required standards. 

Check The School's Regulations

Inquire about the school rules. One of your concerns would be how the school controls relations between the genders. In most cases, co-educational schools allow people of any gender to interact during class time and playtime. However, people of different genders have different boarding facilities to ensure privacy. The school should have strict disciplinary measures to curb harassment and sexual relations. Examine the school's health policy. For example, you would want to know whether the school has a registered nurse and how they contact parents in case of a health emergency. 

When looking for a private co-educational school, assess the school's reputation, performance, facilities, and regulations. 

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